Being Scene…

“Being Scene,” is one of a two part collection, printed on sustainable bamboo. The irony of it’s nature displays a woman looking out towards the landscape, acknowledging the importance of protecting what is sacred to her. You never see her face until the second collection is revealed in, “Home At Last.”

Being Scene, is helping to fund the development of sustainable building projects, geared towards educating people on the importance of investing in a new world. “Home At Last,” will feature the completion of the unique building structures and reveal the artist’s face to symbolize, “being seen.”

Most pieces are made with a fantasy glow to emphasize the esoteric beauty of the planet. Both series come on 16×20 sustainable bamboo, an ecological/longer-lasting alternative to traditional prints. With every piece sold, we work to build sustainable community and honor the land we care for. Inspired by the preservation of the earth, thank you for raising environmental support through this creative project.

Contributing to a new world,